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Find out what you can from our promenade walk.

Start at the Railway Station. Here you will find the dismantled Hincaster line, which makes a good coastal walk. From 1876 to 1942, there was a passenger service by train along the east side of the estuary which enabled people to travel direct to Kendal.

SALCOTES HALL Built in 1679. Used to be reached by high tides. Salt produced in 'pans' by evaporating sea water.

Salcotes Hall

Railway Viaduct

RAILWAY VIADUCT Line opened 1857, Viaduct strengthened 1915. There are a total of 50 piers. The viaduct is 522 yards long.

Wading birds and wildfowl can be seen in large numbers in the estuary and at nearby Leighton Moss Nature Reserve.

Underhill + Underwoos

Quaint porches at Underhill & Underwood (1862)

'YE OLDE FIGHTING COCKS' 1660, formerly 'The Crown'. The Hotel formerly had the original sign in position over the door of the original building and there is a cock-pit under the floor.

Ye olde Fighting Cocks


Shelter is on site of Old Customs House. Clock is memorial to the Bamford family (1950) founders of private girls school once in Redhills Road.

Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank

RIVER KENT CHANNEL Watch for the tidal bore with incoming tides. Siren warns of incoming tides which can travel faster than you can run!

PIER built by Railway Co. in 1860 to compensate for viaduct stopping ships. Re-built in 1984 following storm.

The Pier
The Albion Hotel

ALBION HOTEL (1810). Bell on chimney stack warned of tides.

The Fountain

FOUNTAIN memorial to "Richard Mobberley Clayton Grosvenor", who died aged 4 of appendicitis.


Follow promenade to H.M. COASTGUARD STATION built 1992

WALK TO NEW BARNS, BLACKSTONE POINT AND WHITE CREEK From New Barns is a footpath through Copridding Wood to Arnside Tower and the Knott.

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